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Since our Datathon almost a year ago, we’ve been working on a Data Competition and are pleased to announce that this will take place in October 2019! Untapped Energy proudly presents the 2019 reCLAIM Data Competition.  Alberta's Oil and Gas industry has collectively amassed ~90,000 inactive wells. While a subset have future potential and are subject to reactivation, the majority are candidates for abandonment.


The competition will then take place over the course of the month, kicking off on Tuesday October 15 and wrapping up on Friday November 22.  No matter the data skill, EVERYONE is welcome!


This competition will kick off at Untapped Energy’s October Meetup, on Tuesday October 15 at 5:30 p.m. at the Suncor Energy Centre – West Tower – room 17A/B.  Please register here.


The competition will wrap up on Friday November 22 at the Central Library, as part of the Google Cloud Developer Group Calgary’s annual DevFest.  Presentations and prizes as we celebrate the conclusion of the competition. 



The challenge: Alberta's Aging Oil and Gas Infrastructure

Welcome to the 2019 Untapped Energy reCLAIM Data Competition!

The Untapped Energy 2019 reCLAIM Data Competition is a month long event where competitors looked at creating new insights to Alberta's Aging Infrastructure challenge, where there are ~90,000 inactive wells, some that have future potential and are subject to reactivation, while the majority are candidates for abandonment.
Untapped Energy worked with one of the city’s top, multi-award winning, tech recruiting firms, IT-IQ, to come up with an awesome prize: the winner receiving an exclusive meeting with senior leadership from one of its top clients.  
Untapped Energy is delighted to announce that the

winner of the 2019 reCLAIM Data Competition is:
Team Eastern Block - Anton Biryukov and Volodymyr Vragov!

Honorable mention to finalists: Rohil Jaydeep and Ben Salek

Thank you to our allies for making this competition possible:

JWN (data sponsor), IT-IQ (prize sponsor), Google Developer

Group Calgary, AltaML, AER and the planning team volunteers:

Laura, Brett, Stuart, Carol, James, Steve, Ted, David, and Tim.

2019 reCLAIM Data Competition Finalists

In case you missed it...

Watch the Devfest closing ceremony here!


Winners: Team Eastern Block's video submission!

(Anton Biryukov & Volodymyr Vragov)

2019 reCLAIM Data Competition Winners

Ben Salek's

video submission!

Rohil Jaydeep's 

video submission!

Thank you to our supporters!


Without generous supporters, this Data Competition would not be possible. 


A special thank you to:

  • IT-IQ – our prize sponsor

  • JWN – our data sponsor

  • Google Develop Group Calgary – for hosting us at their DevFest for our Closing Ceremony

  • AltaML – our food sponsor

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