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The Pods


A pod is a team that formed around 5 breakout topics suggested at the Datathon Launch event that occurred on April 12, 2018:

  • Social license

  • Health & safety

  • Environment

  • Aging infrastructure

  • New business models


Each pod's activities are administered by its leader/leaders. The pod members have two objectives:

1. Develop a list questions that might be answered through data analytics. Questions may be related to immediate needs or problems that could be solved quickly, or questions may be forward thinking and exploratory in nature.

2. Contemplate the various data sets that would be needed to begin answering the questions. Data sets can be publicly available data or private data. This then enables the effort needed to acquire the data before the Datathon event.

Looking for a team to join?  Here are some of the challenges that 5 teams are trying to solve with data...

  • Aging Infrastructure:  Finding the factors that contribute to FAILURES and EFFICIENCY of wells, pipelines and facilities.

  • Social License: Are sentiments towards large-scale pipeline projects TO BE BELIEVED?

  • Repurposing of Infrastructure: Finding the next life of suspended or abandoned wells - GEOTHERMAL, BABY!

  • Health & Safety: Safety data is not a competitive advantage - but safety can support an INDUSTRY ADVANTAGE.

  • New Business Models: Markets where data is made public/widely shared outperform markets that don’t - WE'LL PROVE IT!

Want to get involved?
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