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 Datathon Premier Event:

October 12-14, 2018
This multi-day event had teams apply various data science tools and techniques to find insights and answer questions in the areas of social license, health & safety, environment, aging infrastructure and new business models.

what factors contribute to the failure and/or efficiency of aging infrastructure?

aging infrastructure

Veronica Daigle

James Louie

Jamie Yulo

Jayachandran Ramachandran

Priya Sanjay

Victoria Kusherbaeva

Kevin Rush

Michelle Wan

Prashanth Sundaravadivelu

Heli Gong

Laura Li

Emma Liu

Steve Johnson

Monica Sipppola

Dustin Symes

Tim Chan

what is preventing industry from achieving a zero-lost time incident rate?

health & safety

Darrell Aunger

Gabrielle Ehnes-Lilly

Sheldon Wall

Lewinda Knowles

Ruth Diaz

Jin Wang

Farhad Qureshi

Jamie Mok

what opportunities are there for 

geothermal or heat generation using existing oil and gas wellbores?

repurposing infrastructure

Samuel Quiroga

Tony Abitegeka

Shlock Srivastava

Shay Sharma

Brett Montague


Soumaya Goodarzi

Jiri Hostas

Steven Milbradt

Albert Mok

how does social license manifest itself through the lens of major oil and gas infrastructure projects?

social license

Karen Morton

Wes Baird

Alex Havers


Jessica Liu

Christopher Lloyd

Marc Boulet

Tessa Peterson

Andrey Sivyakov

Keenan Viney

Ivone Wardell

Drew Gillson


July 2018 Datathon Workshop Video

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