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Datathon for the Oil and Gas Industry

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

October 12 - October 14, 2018

Bow Valley College, Calgary, Alberta. CANADA

On October 12 to 14, 2018, UNTAPPED ENERGY hosted its Datathon at Bow Valley College located in Calgary, Canada. This was a multi-day event where professionals from all aspects of the Oil and Gas Industry gathered to apply various data science techniques and tools to solve industry-wide challenges and to birth innovation.

Recent years have been challenging for the industry, from depressed economic conditions to increased political uncertainty to intensely targeted activism. There is a motivation from within this industry to showcase its ability to come together effectively and create a world made better through unlocking potential found in Oil and Gas related data.

Guided by the principal to address challenges common to all industry participants, UNTAPPED ENERGY designed an event that fostered a partnership of industry, academia and government, creating a high performance community and ecosystem seeking collective betterment and identifying innovative ways to create value.

During this 3 day event, UNTAPPED ENERGY welcomed over 120 people who attended on their own volition. After hearing about the various use cases that the Datathon event would focus on, participants selected the teams that they would join, though it was not mandatory for any individual to stay with any single team throughout the event. In fact, participants could attend the entire event or any parts of it. The 5 teams were:

· Health & Safety

· Social License

· Aging Infrastructure

· Repurposed Infrastructure for Geothermal Conversion

· New Business Models

A number of features made the event memorable:

· Kick-off keynote speech by Ian MacGregor (President and CEO of North West Refining)

· Mid-point keynote speech by Leah Lawrence (President and CEO of Sustainable Development Technology Canada)

· Leadership Experience Breakout Session with Ian MacGregor

· A data visualization workshop facilitated by Looker

· Data sets generously donated by JuneWarren Energy

· Machine Learning - Azure credits generously donated by Microsoft

· Data Visualization - Creator licenses generously donated by Tableau

UNTAPPED ENERGY is proud of each of the 5 teams that produced and presented its findings to an audience that included Oil & Gas senior leaders, capital investors and industry influencers. Guided by a principal of open source, all research, presentations and reports are publicly available and can be found at:

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